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Modernization processes signed by economic growth or capitalism and the increasing of educational level or opportunity of Indonesian society have brought the role of religions to the center of public civilization, instead of being marginalized. Religions in Indonesia more active play their significant roles in the arena of identity contestation in religious markets. In one hand, religions are able to contribute to social transformation into the more positive direction to strengthening public civilization. However, on the other hand, religions at once are being destructive powers when engaging in the various conflict of interests. In Indonesian society, a patron-client relationship has affected the politicization of religion by the political elites to accumulate their power-interest; whereas the civil society potentially becomes a weak side to be mobilized and conflicted each other in identity political constellation.

The International Conference on Religion and Public Civilization held by Graduate Program of Theology UKIM aims to analyze the reality of religions on public spheres in Indonesia/Maluku from different scientific perspectives by scholars whose interdisciplinary expertise both from Indonesia and abroad. It is driven by the reality that Indonesian society nowadays is forced by many politicization of religious symbols and the vulnerable position of religion in political games. The main concern of the conference is to present critical analyses about the theme that, in turn, it would be published for wider audiences, discussed by more groups of people and as a document for reconstructing inclusively religious education curriculum to empower capacity building of civil society for managing plurality and potential conflict in the multicultural society of Indonesia.


  1. To analyze the role of religions in developing public civilization.
  2. To conduct contextual mapping of religious engagement positively in public spheres for social solidarity.
  3. To transform religious or theological education curriculum in inclusive, transformative and critical ways for common interest.

Conference Scope

  1. Religion and Peace Building in the Postcolonial Southeast Asia
  2. Religion and Identity Politics in Multicultural Society of Southeast Asia
  3. The Formation of Religious Education in Southeast Asia
  4. Religion in the 21 st Century Digital Society
  5. Religiosity and the Politics of Piety in Global Society

Important Dates

  • Deadline for abstract submission: February 28, 2018

  • Notification of accepted abstracts: March 20, 2018

  • Submission of full paper: April 15, 2018

  • Due date for conference fee: April 15, 2018

Time and Venue

The conference will be held on May 3-5, 2018 at the Pacific Hotel Ambon.


Graduate Program of Theology UKIM
Jln Ot Pattimaipauw, Talake Kecamatan Nusaniwe Kota Ambon

Registration Fee:
– Local Participant IDR 2.000.000
– International Participant USD 300

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